Zayn & Owens Kicked Off UK Tour

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The Wrestling Observer, Pro Wrestling Sheet and PWInsider have reported that Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens were sent home from the WWE’s tour in the UK after the Smackdown taping on Tuesday. Apparently they were instructed to brawl and get beaten down by the New Day after the Zayn/Kingston match (which Sami lost clean), but Owens & Zayn had other ideas. When the New Day hit the ring after the match, Owens & Zayn went off script and snuk out of the ring unscathed. This upset the brass at WWE and they have been sent home for disciplinary reasons. At press time there are no details on when/where/if they will return. 

Word backstage is that they have become problems and have gotten themselves alot of heat. Thisnis nothing new for the 2 of them, Jim Cornette has stated for years that they despite being very talented they were extremely difficult to work with. Could Sami and Kevin become free agents soon? If so, that could alter the landscape of wrestling as we know it, considering New Japans US ambitions and their recent play to acquire Chris Jericho (who knows for how long). We touch on all of this and more on thise weeks episode of The Podcast Express. Follow us on twitter @thepodexpress and SoundCloud, and subscribe on iTunes and YouTube

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