Jericho vs Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 12

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In one of the most shocking moments in pro wrestling history, New Japan Pro Wrestling announced that former multiple time WWE Champion and without a doubt one of the biggest stars in WWE history, Chris Jericho will face IWGP US Champion Kenny Omega at their version of Wrestlemania called “Wrestle Kingdom” on January 4th at the Tokyo Dome. The announcement came following Omegas match at the NJPW Power Struggle event earlier this morning. Jericho, appeared on New Japan television for the first time in over 20 years via a pre recorded video on the big screen. The match is being dubbed The Alpha vs The Omega (pretty catchy actually). 

Rumors of a meeting between the two began to swirl during an obviously fabricated twitter feud the last couple weeks. Both are from Winnipeg and are mutual friends of Don Callis (“The Jackyl” in WWE and “Cyrus” in ECW), the NJPW english announcer who also hosts a podcast on Jerichos own podcasting network with Lance Storm called “Killing The Town”. Last year during the holidays they all met up in Winnipeg and recorded an episode of “Talk is Jericho” and have appeared to be friends ever since. Jericho also has other ties to New Japan as he was tag team partners of head booker Gedo back in the 90’s in a promotion called WAR (“Wrestling and Romance”, yes Japanese wrestling can be really fucking weird). 

The surpising part is Jericho has stated time and time again that he would only work for Vince McMahon. Most people, including me, assumed they were working an angle that would culminat at Jericho’s “Rock & Wrestling Rager”, a cruise featuring various heavy metal bands and a wrestling tournament called “Sea of Honor” featuring talent from Ring of Honor (see for more details). As they always say in wrestling, never say never. 

I expect this to be a one time deal, however, Chris Jericho has spent his entire career being unpredictable. New Japan is looking to expand in to the US market in 2018 and a star the caliber of Jericho could make them an instant success. Jericho vs Omega could end up being one of the most import matches in the history of New Japan Pro Wrestling. 

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